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History of London's Double-Decker Buses

Discover the Famous Red Double-Decker Bus

When one talks about means of public transport in London, the first thing that comes to the mind of any inhabitant of the world is the famous London taxis and the famous red double-decker buses.

A Surprising Story

Given their popularity in England and the former English colonies, one might be tempted to believe that it was that the first double-decker bus was born. It may seem logical, but it is a mistake. The first specimen appeared in the French capital in 1853. Some 20 years later, in 1878, there were already 40 such buses in Paris. It was not until 1906 that the first specimens appeared in England. However, it is there that the double-decker bus finally took root. The most popular models were of the AEC Routemaster type. Designed by Douglas Scott and put into circulation in 1956, they were only withdrawn from circulation in 2005.

Double-Decker Bus: Means of Transport and Tourist Attraction

It is impossible to imagine the English capital without Buckingham Palace or Big Ben. These are sites that all tourists hurry to discover. The same goes for London buses. Many tourists take souvenir photos there, although London is not the only city in the world where they travel. Besides their tourist value, they are also an excellent mode of transport. Traffic in some parts of the city is banned or restricted to cars. Some parts of the city are also closed to cars. Thanks to buses, tourists will have no difficulty in discovering the whole of London.

Lately, there has been a debate on the lack of wifi on London buses, which comes as a surprise to non-locals. Although 4G is ever-present throughout London, having wifi on the buses would likely make it more affordable to watch videos and play online casino games (see a comprehensive list here) while communting.

Red Double-Decker bus, the Symbol of the British Capital

Two means of transport are characteristic of London, its famous double-decker buses and taxis. Let's discover the worldwide famous double-decker bus.